Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whew!! I got so much stitching done today. Almost a full 8 hours. Boy will my shoulders be complaining later... oh well, it was worth it.

The CDC is turning out spectacular! I'm so *in love* with the 1690. It's so bright and beautiful and fabulous. Such a beautiful silk! My original "vision" was to have everything have a subtle look, like at first glance you just see the flag piece but something seems a little "off" about it and you look closer and see the CDC design. In that respect, it's turning out perfect! I'm so happy it's working out so far. I've been so worried that it wouldn't look good together....

I'm very excited to see it finished and framed. I'm contemplating having it framed and matted just like the Patriotic Angel piece with the red/white/blue mattes since they are a rather stunning combination. Since the fabric is also a special hand-dyed SMF (Sky) I will of course want to use it as a matte too.

I know, I know, enough blathering... here's the photos!

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