Monday, June 23, 2008

Alllllllmmmmooooossstttt done with page 3!!

I got quite a bit done during this weekend's HAEDless June SAL. To continue with the last blog I am *LOVING* how the reds are looking. Now I'm excited to finish the whole piece and get it framed. I'm thinking of adding a simple border around the edge too. Dunno what yet though. Either a red, white and blue border that continues on a few stitches past the original border to act like a sort of frame... or maybe some golden metallic curlies done in backstitch.... Hrm, I shall have to think on it.

Anywho... I know you'll want to see the photos, so here they are. Pardon the smooshed stitches and wrinkled fabby, I'm putting off ironing it until it's done:

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