Sunday, July 6, 2008

I've been trying to start up a "rotation" of sorts. I've been stitching on the CDC since Tuesday but didn't get a thing done Wed and Thurs due to shopping (more floss of course) and movie date with the husband. <3 I'll be ending off the CDC on Monday and pick up Black Cat again. Since the HAEDless SAL will start up again on the 18th - 21st, I'm not sure yet if I'll do any stitching on it between Tuesday and Friday... if that makes sense. Since the SAL would sort of throw off the rotation I'm trying to start.... Without the SAL in the works, next up after Black Cat I'd perhaps do a new start on Three Little Maids or Voodoo Boy since they're quick and easy to do. But since I'd like to participate in the SAL to get more of the CDC done, I'll probably be putting off the new start until next Tues - Mon week. Make sense? Meh.

But anyways... I'm completely done with page 3 (technically the first complete page done), a few stitches shy of completing half of page 6 and a bunch of stitches into page 5. I'll post an update photo tomorrow night. Still contemplating the "framing" I want to do. I'm leaning more towards the red/white/blue but the gold would be so snazzy. Hrm... maybe I'll do some test stitching to see which I prefer better. Until tomorrow!

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