Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I emailed my finished piece for Tracy to add to the CdC Gallery and instead it's being featured on the front page for awhile!!

Here's the blurb that's written up on the front page:


And a special treat, before it's filed away in the Gallery proper. Here is a version of Cirque des Cercles that you don't see everyday:

And you might be asking yourself, "huh?"

I see a flag - She must have the wrong picture up.

I've always encouraged stitchers to take my designs, especially the monochromes, and to make them their own. Whether this is done by picking new and interesting floss/fabric combination or... superimposing an image of a waving flag over the chart and creating a subtle masterpiece like this (well the CdC part is subtle!)

This stunning piece was stitched by Cassie F. with a special frame built by her grandpa out of recycled fence wood. She stitched 2 X 1 on 28 ct Lugana hand-dyed in "Sky" by Sugar Maple Fabrics with Eterna silk floss (2860, 2820, 1690, 1670 and 10.)

So, ask yourself - what would you dream up now if I sent a box of colored pencils in with your order? Take a step to the left and join us outside the box... and send me a photo to share when you are done.


I extremely honored and so flattered to be featured so! Hopefully my future pieces can live up to my own hype.

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